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Tricks and hints for the Shawl

Shawl 1 to 3

Most Components can be gotten from the mobs that spawn in the vally between Sleepers Tomb and the Kael ramp

Shawl 4

You do not need to talk to Tanik before you make the potion

1) Start with pet on top of north side of ramp going down to Kael.
2) Take off lev and invis.
3) Place pet on guard.
4) Looking face to face with pet, align yourself with pet and slowly walk backwards, then stop after 20 steps or so, (Don't go super far from pet.)
5) Place pet on follow until he gets to you then place back on guard and repeat steps 4-5 until Tanik spawns. This took me about 5 or 6 times.
6) Hail him, give him the Vial of Velium Vapors, he gives you "Tanik's note".

Shawl 5

Best Place to farm Glowing Biles is South of the Caves in GD.

Coldain shawl guide after Velious Launch: ... edit#gid=0

First of all, raise all appropriate skills to lvl 21 at your guild master

The skills you can you raise before Velious launch and what level you need them at. Were it is possible we will list how to raise your skill only with vendor items:

You can find some good resources here: ... est-guide/ ... nshawl.cfm ... 1779502055

The listed numbers is what is needed for all combines to be trivial

Baking 139

Fish Rolls will take you to 135 and all items are found on vendors, then Pinemyer Pasta, then Planar Fruit Pies ... g/Classic/

pottery 165

Unfired Casserole Dish will take you to 199 and everything is bought of vendors ... y/Classic/
I did Unfired Small Bowl and then Unfired Casserole Dish until I was done

brewing 165
Minotaur Hero's Brew will take you all the way and everything is vendor bought ... g/Classic/
I did Fetid Essence and then Minotaur Hero's Brew

fletching 170
Everything is vendor bought so have at it ... g/Classic/
I did Class 1 Bone Point Arrow, then Class 1 Wood Hooked Arrow, then Class 1 Ceramic Point Arrow, then Class 1 Wood Silver Tip Arrow

jewelcraft 180
Everything is vendor bought so have at it ... g/Classic/
Did Electrum Malachite Bracelet , then Electrum Jasper Earring, then Jaded Electrum Bracelet, then Electrum Opal Amulet, then Gold Malachite Bracelet , then Golden Star Amulet, then Golden Topaz Earring

smithing 184
You will need to farm some finesteel weapons, Giants are a good source for them
Petuang: for fine steel weapons the ogre home town is perfect...the guards all drop FS and you can use the forge there...also any extra loot you can sell to the parcel guy ... g/Classic/
I did Large Lantern, then Banded boots, then banded mail, then Fine Plate Visor and Fine Plate Gauntlets/when I ran out of leather paddings, I made: Enchanted Velium Bits

tailoring 203 ... g/Velious/
I will expand on this one, but the easiest way is to work on silk and then do Wu's armor, the best way to farm silk is in:

The easiest way to farm Spiderling silk is:
The 6 sec respawn spiders spawn under ground in the tomb in Field of Bone, Entrance LOC: -294, +2662: ... g/Classic/

Woven Mandrake, then Picnic Basket, then Wu's Fighting Mantle, then Wu's Fighting Sleeves, then Forest Green Silk Swatch, Ceremonial Solstice Robe

So, before you start this, it will be worth your while to pre-loot 90% of this stuff. I am going to list everything for up to the Shawl 2.0, where another person has already written one.

The Great Divide:
2 Drakkel Wolf Whiskers drop from A Drakkel Dire Wolf (Note: the highest concentration of these wolves is near the Nexus Scion. Only took me 30 minutes to get my two.)
5 Glowing Worm Bile: Alright this one is tricky. It only drops of off elder and young shardwurms. They are spread out, but two or three will be in the tunnels. They will have a tell-tale glow about them. you can notice it on the ground. These will ALWAYS drop the bile. Took me two hours to get all 5.

Eastern Wastes (Bring a tracker);
8 Snow Griffin Eggs (these drop in BOTH EW zones. Get 8, put 4 in the bank. You can thank me later.)
4 Frost Giant Toes
10 Kromrif Heads
1 Tundra Kodiak Meat
2 Frost Bunny Meat (In shawl #3, it says Snow Bunny Meat. This is incorrect, it is Frost Bunny Meat.)
2 Ulthork Meat (Best place to get these is near the ruins in the Rain of Fear version of EW.)
1 Woven Frost Giant Beard
1 Ulthork Tusk (same as the meat. Go to the RoF version)
2 Manticore Manes (tracker makes this job much easier)

Velktor's Lab: Your new favorite zone.
75 Crystalline Silk Threads
10 Small Pieces of Velium
4 Large Bricks of Velium
15 Blocks of Velium
3 Crystalline Silk

I find the easiest way to get all this is to go into the tunnels, which can be found by going through the fake wall on the ramp. And farming ALL the spiders. This will take awhile.

Western Wastes: (Bring a tracker)
2 Unrefined Diamonds
3 Unrefined Emeralds
3 Unrefined Sapphires.
The best way to get these is go to the Wyvern caves in the northern part of the zone, kill them all, and repeat.
8 Velium Hound Furs: this is where you want a tracker. They have a large aggro range, but are widespread.

Cobalt Scar:
2 Siren Hair ( I farmed in SG for hours did not see one. Kill the siren's infront of the zone in to Siren's Grotto a few times. I got both mine in one spawn.)

Siren's Grotto: Maze City
2 Runed Sea Shells (These MUST have the Enduring Breath effect on them with one charge.)
1 Swordfish Tooth
1 Molkor Hide

Kael Drakkel:
1 Royal Kromrif blood Drops off both Klaggan Iceshard and Vorken Iceshard.

Iceclad Ocean:
3 Iceclad Cutlassfish (Fishing! Have fun, bring beer.)

While in the Plane of Knowledge:
2 Jug of Sauces (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
1 Loaf of Bread (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
1 Mixing Bowl (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
3 Spices (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
2 Flasks of Water (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
1 Vinegar (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
1 Bottle of Milk (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
1 Cup Flower (Chef Denrun in the Plane of Knowledge)
2 Platinum Bars (Jeweler Nonny in the Plane of Knowledge)
8 Silver Threads (Tailor Kujen in the Plane of Knowledge)
2 Glass Shards (Sculptor Radee in the Plane of Knowledge)

When you spend your time in Thurgadin:
1 Etching Tools (In order to get these Say "I need a set of Etching Tools" to Meg Tucter.
1 Velium Smithy Hammer (Nimren Stonecutter in Thurgadin)
23 Coldain Velium Tempers (Nimren Stonecutter in Thurgadin)

When visiting the Drakkin of Crescent Reach:
1 Plate Boot Mold (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)
1 Plate Gauntlet Mold (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)
1 Plate Helm Mold (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)
1 Plate Breastplate Mold (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)
1 Plate Greaves Mold (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)
1 Plate Vambrace Mold (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)
2 Plate Bracer Molds (Smith Nkosi in Crescent Reach)

When you are supposed to be sleeping:
1 Pot (Make it, it is easy)
1 Snake Egg (Go kill a snake)
1 Pie Tin ( Make it, it is easy, )

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