The plan for Velious Wednesday 28th of August

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The plan for Velious Wednesday 28th of August

Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:03 am

Velious launches at 11 pm (1 hour after our normal raid time finishes) on Wednesday the 28th. I know this will be very late for people located in Europe, but we will try to have some fun and make a dent in Velious the first day.

Before Launch

We want all our casters to get the Coldain shawl done, for cleric's and healers it is almost mandatory as one of the big 2 things that make raids fail in veliouse is running out of mana on the healers or lack of AC on the tanks.

Go here for help with the shawl quest trade skills:

Guild bind spot

Kael zone line to Wakening Land

Day one

TPers gather at your spell vendor to buy your TP spells before you join the rest of the raid.

We will gather in SRO, zone over as fast as we can and hopefully we can snag a Lodizal kill for some spells, if you see him, do not try to pull him, just engage him and tell the guild were you are.

After that we will move to Kael, if nada is up there for our current raid force we bind in Kael and move towards Western Wasts, there we will check if Zlendicar is up and kill any of the small dragons in the zone for spells. After that we will head in to NToV and kill the armor droping wing to hopefully kit out our war's and SK/Pals in full armor. After that we are done for the night, I will log back on in the morning and keep farming the armor wing, hopefully people will be able to help, but we also need some people to help farm the gems for the turn in, the best spot for this is Upper dogs in Velks.

The reason why we want our tanks kited out as fast as possible in quest armor is so they can handle as much as possible in Kael wich we will raid on Thursday the day after launch during normal raid times.

All non tanks should aim for thurgadine quest armor, there will be a ton of groups going on in Kael arena, so it should be easy to get a group there, and when drops start to rott it should be easy to pick them up for secondary and box's.

Sleepers tomb

We will work hard to get sleepers tomb access, keys will be handed out based on RA and to form a viable raid for the tomb, after we have a viable raid force the priority will be to get all mains flagged in Category 1 and then the rest of the guild. Zlendicars talisman is droppable, so this will be looted by the guild bank and handed out on sleepers tomb raid days to flag extra people and one will be given to a CoH box for placement in OW sleepers.

Sleepers tomb raids will happen on Saturdays at the same times as Sunday raids run until most of the guild is flagged.

Special items: Sceptre of Destruction is useable by non melee classes, this item will be restricted to melee classes that can reap the full benefit of it, if we get one and no melee needs it, it will go to the guild bank for selling and the Krono will go to the guild Krono auctions on raids to distribute the wealth to the entire guild and no just a single person.

Where to farm gems

BP and leg gems mostly drop in SG
Arms and bracers in CS of Wyrvens
Everything else in upper and lower dogs

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