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Most spells/quest items for spells will be dropping from group content that you will be doing while XPing in zones as we get flagged for them or the bazaar. The quest items are no drop, but the spells you get are not.

At the start the main source of lvl 65 spells will be from raids, all spell quest items will go to the guildbank and we will use them to get a high attendence class with the MGB AA the following spells to help our raids out:


Hand of Virtue


Voice of Quellious
Vallon's Quickening


Focus of the Seventh


Blessing of the Nine


Brell's Stalwart Shield


Spirit of the Predator
Call of the Rathe

After we have at least one person to MGB the mentioned spells, we will use spell drops on raids to help members fill out their spell list with the important spells for their class, like water pet for mages, the debuffs for druids, mez for enchanters and bards since they are needed for rath council and the new 3 min root which is also needed for rath council along with the new malosini and so on.

At some point spell prices will have dropped to a certain point and no one will still need spells, at this point spell quest items will be randomed in the guild tool as cash items for the members.

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