Raid encounter tips for PoP

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Raid encounter tips for PoP

Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:28 pm

Plane of Inovation:

You need to split the raid in to 4 viable Groups with 2 People designated to stay back and CC the spiders during the main event (tank/healer)

One person waits at the named and announces when it becomes targetable (about 5 min)

Activate the event and all 4 Groups kill spiders for about 5 min, when named can be targeted everyone runs to outside the doors except the CC teams in each of the 4 spider spawn spots. When we are ready, we burn it Down and healers assist heal while tanks try to keep it off DPS classes.

The reason why we leave 2 poeple at each spider spot to keep them occupied while we kill the named is, if a spider reaches the named room they detonate for a 3k AE in the room and kills the raid

Rath Council:

This is what we need to do: ... Jyj0w_RzHc

More coming

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