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PoTime info buttons

Sun May 03, 2020 1:16 pm

The file you put this in is located here: C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest

The filename is your charactername_servername.ini

Page10Button1Line1=/rs Fire Trial
Page10Button1Line2=/rs First you will have 3 mobs, debuff and offtank, kill one by one, each split in to 2 random mobs, infernos needs to be tanked, flame mobs can be mezzed, kill all the split mobs before continueing
Page10Button1Line3=/rs Named activates along with 2 adds when all mobs are dead, dispell the DS on named and slow him and kill the adds
Page10Button1Line4=/rs 2 Adds spawn at 75%, 50%, and 25% on the named, kill adds before continuing on the named so you do not get overrun
Page10Button7Line1=/rs Water Trial
Page10Button7Line2=/rs You start the trial with named and 2 adds, adds can be slowed/rooted (one can be mezzed)
Page10Button7Line3=/rs The named can not be slowed, but only debuffed with criple and druid debuffs, it spawns with 2 adds, they can be mezzed/rooted
Page10Button7Line4=/rs Adds spawn at 90 and 45%, the top one on extended target window can be mezzed, the other one needs to be tanked/killed
Page10Button2Line1=/rs Undead Trial
Page10Button2Line2=/rs First round 3 unmezzebal mobs (can be rooted), offtank and kill
Page10Button2Line3=/rs Second round 4 unmezzebal mobs (can be rooted), offtank and kill
Page10Button2Line4=/rs Third round 4 mobs, 2 cna be mezzed 2 needs to be tanked, they hit hard and sapwn in a square formation in the room
Page10Button2Line5=/rs Fourth wave, named spawns with 2 adds, debuff and kill all 3
Page10Button8Line1=/rs Air Trial
Page10Button8Line2=/rs The trial starts with 4 mobs spawning in a square formation in the room, 2 can be mezzed and 2 cna not, debuff ASAP and kill them
Page10Button8Line3=/rs As you kill them they resapwn near the clock wall, the two outer mobs need to be tanked, the two inner mobs can be mezzed
Page10Button8Line4=/rs Kill the named and the two outer adds and keep the inner adds (nearest the named) mezzed
Page10Button3Line1=/rs Earth Trial
Page10Button3Line2=/rs It starts with 3 rock mobs, debuff and offtank them
Page10Button3Line3=/rs As you kill the intial mobs, 2 to 6 mobs will spawn when they die, they can be mezzed, kill them
Page10Button3Line4=/rs When you have killed 6 of the split mobs, the named spawns, kill the named and any remaining mobs to finish the trial
Page10Button9Line1=/rs Sarryn
Page10Button9Line2=/rs Resists: Disease, Poison, Magic
Page10Button9Line3=/rs Adds spawn at 90%, 50%, and 10% health, right side can be mezzed, kill all adds
Page10Button9Line4=/rs When adds that spawn at 50% are dead, ignore new adds and burn
Page10Button4Line1=/rs TT
Page10Button4Line2=/rs Resists: Magic
Page10Button4Line3=/rs Adds spawn at 90%, 50%, and 10% health, right side can be mezzed, kill all adds
Page10Button4Line4=/rs When adds that spawn at 50% are dead, ignore new adds and burn
Page10Button10Line1=/rs TZ
Page10Button10Line2=/rs Resists: Magi, Cold, Fire, Poison(very important for tanks)
Page10Button10Line3=/rs Position mob at the globe, ranged DPS at the sun dial
Page10Button10Line4=/rs Hug the wall near Clerics if you need to enter the room to avoid agroing VZ
Page10Button5Line1=/rs VZ
Page10Button5Line2=/rs Resists: Magic
Page10Button5Line3=/rs 2 tanks with 2 CCH's and patch heals, tanks need a hotbutton for /stand /attack on, the two tanks will fight over agro when not stunned
Page10Button5Line4=/rs at 50% 2 adds spawn in the midle of the floor in front of VZ spawn spot, be rdy to kite/debuff and root them away from raid, Shaman VP is good for this
Page10Button11Line1=/rs CT
Page10Button11Line2=/rs Resists: Poison, Magic
Page10Button11Line3=/rs This guy fears, if you have agood fearless knight, let them tank
Page10Button11Line4=/rs Healers hide inside the zone in room on the otehr side of wall from the tank
Page10Button6Line1=/rs Bert
Page10Button6Line2=/rs Resists: Diseas, Poison
Page10Button6Line3=/rs He starts immune to all spells, as his HP goes down he looses resists but his DPS ramps up allot
Page10Button6Line4=/rs Save bruns and Rippost discs for the end
Page10Button12Line1=/rs RZ
Page10Button12Line2=/rs Resists: Fire, Magic
Page10Button12Line3=/rs AE rampage, stay at max melee range, he spawns 4 adds at 90%, 75%, and 50% and at 25% he spawns 6 adds, right side adds can be mezzed
Page10Button12Line4=/rs Kill adds so that the raid does not get over run
Page9Button1Line1=/rs Inno
Page9Button1Line2=/rs Resists: Magic, Fire
Page9Button1Line3=/rs He spawns 3 adds at 66% and 4 to 5 adds at 20%
Page9Button1Line4=/rs Burn him down after the adds at 66% are dead
Page9Button7Line1=/rs Quarm
Page9Button7Line2=/rs Resists: All reists
Page9Button7Line3=/rs He spawns several adds called "a time vortex". These elementals do not hit hard (max ~50), but frequently proc the spell "Time Warp" 50% slow for melee and spells. They are mezzable
Page9Button7Line4=/rs AE stune and DD the adds when they sapwn, everyone needs to stand under Quarm and we need an AE MGB heal chain

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