• Tuesday, 20. April 2021 09:25

Welcome to Avengers I on Mangler


Original EQ Avenged!

All major raid targets in Original EQ has been Avenged!

And Kunrak mobs are doing down left and right!

If you want to be a part of a great guild with fair rules were the guildbanks wealth gets distributed back to the members through Korno lottoes on raids (flat 20 dkp cost (equals 1 week of raiding) as well as huge amounts of gear coming in. Non boxers and boxers are welcome to join our ranks! We are especially looking for melee classes and a few cle/enc's, but everyone is welcome :)

If you are interested, contact any member in the guild for a tag, you can find our DKP and guild rules under the drop down "Guild Information" on this web page.

Come and join the family! :D


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