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Avengers DKP



Our system is an open-bid, hybrid-auction/Category based DKP system. You send bids in a channel within predetermined bid ranges.

Earning points

You earn points based on how much raiding you do. We take attendance "ticks" hourly, or half-hourly for very short raids. The current value is 2 DKP per hourly tick.

How to spend points

When raid bosses are killed, in a loot channel--which will be a loot channel that you are required to join, you will participate in an auction conducted by whichever officer is functioning as auctioneer for the raid.

Take note: If you upgrade a slot with DKP, you have to wait another 14 days before you can upgrade the same slot with DKP.


Category bids

If no one from category 1 wants the item it goes to category 2 and so on

Category 1

The membership category always bids first on items, the membership category is defined by the people who were applicants but now fulfill the membership requirements and members that have an attendance of minimum 51% over the last 30 day's. Bid order: Mains, Secondary's, Box's

Category 2

People in the member category that are below 51% attendance over the last 30 days bid next: Mains, Secondary's, Box's

Tradable items

Will only be lottoed in Category 1, if no one wants to spend DKP on it, it goes to the guild bank.

Items in the guild bank up to a value of 3 Krono can be bought by members at a 30% deduction of the current tlpauction/bazaar price up to a total of 10% of the current value of a Krono.

So if a Krono is worth 15.000 and you want to buy an item worth 3 Krono the cost would be 45.000-1.500= 43.500 platinum

Items worth more then 3 Krono will be sold at full price either to members or the open market.

There is no need for a guildbank full of Krono, so Krono will be auctioned on random raids for a flat price of 20 DKP, who wins will be determined based on your current RA(Raid attendance). Everyone that want's to buy a Krono on a current raid has to get one before anyone can buy a second or third Krono and so on.

To be eligible to buy a krono at a raid, you need to have been in the raid for a minimum of an hour before the Krono auction starts or if it is less then an hour since the raid started you need to have been in the raid from the start.

Priority item bids

There are some items that benefit the guild the most if they go to certain classes, like piercing weapons to rogues, bow's to rangers, aggro weapons to war's and so on, thees items will be done by a so called Priority item bids before the item goes to a "normal" bid. A list of Priority bid items for each expansion and what classes are eligible for them, can be found in the member section of the boards. If you won a shield or any other item that only goes in one slot in the current expansion via a reserved item win, you can not enter another priority item bid for the same slot of the same type until the next expansion is released.

Most people can box 2 chars fairly easy and with good proficiency and there are many situation were having a cle or bard secondary at a raid is the difference between winning and loosing, so the bidding goes like this for the current category: Priority items (mains, secondary's and box's are eligible) -> Mains -> Secondary's -> Box's, before going to the next category.

Mains pay full price for items
Secondary's pay 1/3 of bid price rounded down
Box's pay 1/6 of bid price rounded down

The auction will open with the officer posting the name of the item being auctioned, and the minimum price. For visible armor slots and quest items for them, the min bid is 1 DKP. For Normal Tier raid loot the minimum price is 5 DKP and the maximum bid/price is 80 DKP for any item, with tiebreakers settled by highest current RA30, if two or more people have the same RA30, it continue to RA60/90/lifetime number of attended raids. If two or more people have the same RA, quick loot council consisting of Raid Leaders and officers will decide who gets the item by majority vote.

The Auction has the following rules:

  • You can "match" a current bid (highest current RA/30/60/90 wins if it ends in a tie)
  • You can "raise" a current bid, the typical minimum you can raise by is 5 DKP, unless you do not have enough DKP to raise by 5 and are going "all in."
  • You can "raise" a current bid by more than 5 but it has to be a bid that is a multiple of 5, again unless you are going "all in." For example you can drop 50 as your current bid right off the bat, or 80. You can also go all in right off the bat if you have say, 74 DKP and bid 74 DKP.
  • The only exception to the minimum raise of 5 DKP for Normal Tier loot is when you are raising someone's "all in", so if someone goes all in at 36 DKP, you can raise to 40, or if they went all in at 38 you could raise to 40. You basically can raise to the next lowest 5 DKP interval if you want (you always have the option to raise even more.)

You can only bid DKP you have displayed currently on the DKP site, and you are expected to mentally "deduct" any DKP you have spent that isn't yet entered into the site.

For Low Tier items there is no minimum price, the auction starts at 1 DKP, and bids can be submitted in 1 DKP increments up to 15 DKP. If a Low Tier item auction exceeds 15 DKP it has to then follow the normal 5 DKP increments for raises.

There is a maximum bid of 80 DKP on any item, ties are broken based on who has the highest current RA30 % and after that RA60/90 number of attended raids

Winner always pays what they bid, there is a 5 DKP charge for any retracted bids that will be enforced WITHOUT DISCRETION OR EXCEPTION, retracting a bid costs 5 DKP so do not waste the guild or the auctioneers time with retractions or bids that you don't mean, the only exception is if it is an initial bid and you retract it.

This is not a "Second Price" system where you pay +1 over the highest losing bid. If you drop an 80 bid at the start of the auction and win, and no one else bids, you still pay the full price of your bid. Do not bid unless you're willing to pay that price, because you aren't getting any relief on it.

Example normal bids

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Sceptre of Destruction 5 DKP MIN"

Rankor tells bidz:2, "25 Secondary"

Majestique tells bidz:2, "40 Box"

Tanky tells bidz:2, "15 Main"

Foxtrot tells bidz:2, "20 Main"

Tanky tells bidz:2, "25 Main"

Foxtrot tells bidz:2, "30 Main"

Tanky tells bidz:2, "ALL IN 32 Main"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Sceptre of Destruction Sceptre of Destruction - Tanky - Main, 15 dkp, 30s"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Sceptre of Destruction Sceptre of Destruction - Tanky - Main, 15 dkp, 20s"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Sceptre of Destruction Sceptre of Destruction - Tanky - Main, 15 dkp, 10s"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Sceptre of Destruction Sceptre of Destruction - Tanky - Main, 15 dkp, Grats"

Example epic bids (no drop items), your raid attendance % for the last 30 days

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Signed Scroll"

Rankor tells bidz:2, "55%"

Majestique tells bidz:2, "99%"

Tanky tells bidz:2, "88%"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Epic, Signed Scroll - Majestique - 99%, 30s"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Epic, Signed Scroll - Majestique - 99%, 20s"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Epic, Signed Scroll - Majestique - 99%, 10s"

Gugagan tells bidz:2, "Auction Category 1, Epic, Signed Scroll - Majestique - 99%, Grats"

Who wins the loot?

Generally speaking whomever bids the highest wins. Secondary characters can bid, however any Primary character bid outweighs theirs (and they should stop bidding in the current auction once a Primary has bid.) The priority for the ranks is Primary > Secondary > Box.

What are the item/bid tiers?

Normal Tier: Elemental God loot, any Plane of Time Loot. Normal Tier items the starting bid is 5 DKP and it increases by 5 DKP increments with a maximum bid of 80.

Low Tier: All Elemental Loot other than loot off the 4 Elemental Gods (Fennin Ro, Coirnav, Avatar of Earth/Rathe Council, Xegony.) Low Tier items start bids at 1 DKP and can be increased in 1 DKP increments until 15 DKP has been reached, after which they are bid at 5 DKP increments to a maximum bid of 80.

Junk Tier:  Junk Tier is any item no one is willing to bid on, if it is a no drop item it will be rolled via the raid tool, Characters in category 2 (mains, secondary's, box's) selects need, they have to select greed, every one else selects greed. Non no drop items will be rolled in the Advanced loot tool or go to the guild bank at the leaderships discretion.

Please Note: Typically Junk Tier raiding after our initial flagging will be rare and not normally done as a normal guild raid, so these scenarios will be uncommon for most expansions.

"Quick Loot Council" typically means interested parties quickly link their current item for that slot and the officer(s)/raid leader(s) running the raid quickly determines whom the item is most appropriate for. Note that because of our rule about not raiding with empty slots or "no-stat" items (i.e. cloth/mesh/bronze/banded etc) if your current slot is empty or "no-stat", you are not eligible for the item at all.

What if no one wants an Item (Junk Tier)?

For normal DKP items if no one bids at all, then it is rolled in the advanced loot window. This isn't intended to be fair, it's intended to reflect the fact the guild has deemed the item worth less than 5/1 DKP and thus the guild leadership is "disposing of it" with a roll system that offers main characters no protection at all (as they had the option to avail themselves of the DKP system and declined it.)

Rolled Items

As mentioned above sometimes Junk Tier items will be rolled. These are raid items we essentially consider to be "group quality" loot, or raid loot that can actually be acquired in a group. An example are items like the Plane of Growth class armors, that can be acquired by a small group farming the trash, or one off items that are very low quality off of raid bosses (this issue becomes less common after Luclin.)

**IN THE ADVANCED LOOT WINDOW, Characters in category 2 (mains, secondary's, box's) selects need, they have to select greed, every one else selects greed.**

To repeat: ROLLED items are rolled in the Advanced Loot Window. Characters in category 1 and 2 (mains, secondary's, box's) selects need, if you want the item for an Alt, you have to select greed. 

Item Ninjaing

If a no trade item on a raid gets rolled by mistake by the loot master in the item manager, if someone loots that item even if it is by mistake, they will be fined a flat 100 dkp for the item in question.

Epic items

They will be auctioned based on who is at the step to use them and Raid Attendance % at no DKP cost

Tradable items like Dragon Scales will be looted by the guild bank and handed out to Category 1 members when they are at the step to use the item.

Category 2 long term/high attendance members

Main characters who are lower then 51% RA30/Cat1, will be able to bid as if they were a box in cat 1 if they have at least 20% RA and 50 dkp currently banked:

1. Only applies to their Main character
2. Have a minimum raid attendance of 20% over 30 days and 50 dkp currently banked
3. Only be able to bid as a Box
4. Does not receive the 1/6 discount that normal box bids benefit from


Spells will be handed out to players at the current raid based on current Raid attendance % for the last 30 days. Spells that are not needed will be looted and sold for guild funds.

Non Official raids

The attendance at a non official guild raid can chose to follow whatever rules they want, but if they want to follow the guild rules and spend DKP, they can also do so. They can however not earn DKP nor RA during non official raids.

The DKP spent will be added to the next official raid we do as a guild by an officer who participated in the raid, or they will be posted in the DKP-section on discord by the person leading the raid, if no officers were present.


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