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Primary/Box Character and ALT policy



Your "Primary" is your main character and the character you will play most of the time in raids, Primaries receive the highest loot priority in most situations.


Every member in the guild is entitled to have 2 or more box's

Expectations and Use of boxed characters

We have a few expectations for your two main box's. We expect they generally be "decently" geared. In Kunrak and beyond your 2 main box's will be expected to have no empty gear slots, and to have generally decent group quality loot in most gear slots. They should also generally keep up with AAs to some degree, they do not need to be max AA but they should not be 0 AA characters. 

You are required to bring your two main box's to every raid you bring your main to.

If RL is blocking you from bringing your two main box's for some reason

1. If you do not bring your two main box's to a raid, you will immediately receive a 1 week lock out from the box category, which can be relinquished early for 20DKP (missing any of the 3 raids we do in a week on your 2 main box's will incur this penalty)

2. If you miss further raids, you will continue get another stack of this penalty, up to a maximum of 4 weeks (max of an 80 DKP fine)

3. If your 2 main box's are locked, they can be dropped from a full raid in favour of anothers box if that class is needed more for the content

A Box is basically any boxed character you have that isn't a Primary. They can participate in raids 100% at the raid leader discretion, they generally can't take raid spots over Primarys. We have much lower expectations for box's than a Primary. These are essentially the "trash eating" alts, who are utilized to take rotting gear. While we have no formal expectations for box's, you still need to be a generally useful raid member. If your box is causing problems it will be asked to sit out. If you just want a character available to "take a rot", leave the character outside the raid. We expect you are still able to "effectively play" an Alt, but we understand they will often be undergeared and boxed characters so will not play to the level of a Primary character .


A character that is on the same account as your main or box's


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