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Membership rules



To become an applicant you just need an invite from any full member


To bid in the member category of items, you need to maintain a minimum of 30% raid attendance over the last 30 days.

Member lottoes

From Classic members can auction any item during raids (except stuff they won on raids) up to 3 times on 3 different raids and set a min bid for the item, this could be quest items or items they got during adventures or bought in the bazaar, the auctioneer of the item will be accredited for the full dkp amount.

Helping keeping honest people honest

You can only upgrade a slot on a character (main or box) 1 time per expansion. The only exceptions is for mains, they can upgrade as many times as they want, but their old items that gets replaced goes back to the guild and in to a new lotto with a min bid equal to what they paid for it originally. If no one is willing to pay the same or more for it, the item will go to the guildbank for KR lottoes.

Members can sell their raid item on the open market once they get an upgrade for that slot in the next expansion (raid or group item).

Anyone who sells raid items in era, will be removed from the guild, officers will pay attention to this, but all members are encouraged to help each other stay honest. If you are removed from the guild for this offence you can reapply to the guild (with a loss of all DKP), but it will be at the discretion of the officers and members.

Full raids

If a raid is full, box's will be asked to leave the raid first, the only exception to this will be if a certain class is needed to accomplish the raid the only option is a box's.


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