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Primary/Secondary Change Policy


Changing your Primary

We understand that occasionally you may want to change your primary character. The guild allows this, but with conditions. Firstly, the guild leadership reserves the right to reject a "normal" primary character change if they determine your primary is a class that has low attendance and you are attempting to switch to a class that has lots of high attendance raiders. However we will generally try to accommodate all primary changes so that people can play the characters they wish.

A normal Primary character change will result in a charge of 100 DKP (The price may change).

Primary switches can only be done a maximum of once every expansion. After Luclin/PoP era is complete (starting in Gates of Discord), a character you wish to make your new primary will be expected to be decently geared in high quality group gear at minimum, ideally prior-expansion raid quality gear. The officers will additionally audit your character's AAs to insure you have a proper amount of AA for the era. 

Special Berserker Primary Changes

We don't want to overly-penalize the players who wish to have a Berserker primary, so we are offering a free primary switch to Berserker, but you have to meet special conditions:

  1. You must tell the officers before LDoN opens that you plan to switch to Berserker as your primary, and you want to utilize the free Berserker primary change.
  2. Once you have told the officers you plan to do a Berserker primary change, you are not allowed to loot any Tier 1 items in PoP/LDoN up until 1 month before GoD launch. If you have looted a Tier 1 PoP/LDoN item already, you are required to pay back its cost as a DKP fine.
  3. For Luclin you can take any and all items under no penalty. For PoP/LDoN you can take any/all items you wish at no penalty, other than Tier 1 items.

Special classes we lack

A free change of primary character can be done if you are changing to a class the guild is lacking or is very low on that is deemed beneficial to have more of for coming raids and/or expansions, provided that the class you are changing from would not fall under the same category.
Depending on the change, a free change of Secondary can be allowed to facilitate a better class combination. Only one such change can be done within a 3 month period and you can not have spent any dkp the last 2 weeks on the character you are changing from.

Current list of classes we could use more of: Bard, Paladin, Shadowknight, Shaman, Wizard

Changing your Secondary

It will be more difficult to gear a second character then a main. For that reason we want players to carefully consider their choice of 2nd character, as it will be fairly detrimental to try and gear out a whole new character at Secondary priority (Primaries have highest priority so are actually easier to catch up after a change) and do not really want people to change these characters regularly. With that being said, we understand circumstances will arise where this will happen, but there will be several conditions to a Secondary change:

  1. Secondaryswitches can only be done a maximum of once every expansion.
  2. A Secondary change costs 100 DKP.
  3. Switching your Primary to your Secondary and making your Secondary your new Primary is the same cost as a normal Primary change--100 DKP (This may change).
  4. If you change your secondary, you generally will not be allowed to change it again until at least 2 expansions have passed. So if you change your Secondary at beginning of Gates of Discord (EQ's 7th Expansion), you wouldn't be able to change it again until the start of Dragons of Norrath (EQ's 9th expansion.)
  5. Secondary characters, like Primary characters, are expected to have appropriate amounts of AA and gear starting in Gates of Discord. This means if you are switching a Secondary, your new Secondary will need to be relatively well geared and have AA. Well geared means "full set of high quality group-tier loot, fully augmented with LDoN group augs at minimum", and an appropriate amount of AAs that will be discussed when an officer is handling your Secondary request.


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